Windows Vista vs. Windows XP

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– Here’s why I’m “upgrading” from Windows Vista to Windows XP in a few days. I just flipped on the webcam and started talking – it’s all based on a post I made to my personal blog the other day. Are you on Vista? Are you still on XP? What are your plans?

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  1. xp was good but thats why vista is newer then xp we all usto hate the lag in xp xp crashes a lot nd get blue screens soo thats why vista is always gonna be better den xp but for some reason xp will always be around no matter wat the pple think thanks yu soo much liked the video

  2. Windows 10 had a great launch I had Zero issues, now I'm having driver issues left and right… reminds me of my vista experience on an OEM machine nut a custom build, my custom build had zero issues throughout it's lifetime.

  3. I work in IT at a hospital and we are trying to get rid of XP as fast as possible (almost there). Besides being buggy, it has a lot of security holes. Remember the sasser virus that wreaked havoc on the world years back? Yeah XP was part of that. We have not seen anything remotely close to that since XP. At the time of this video Vista was new and was soon compatible with everything. You just have to be patent or wait to upgrade. When I come across an XP machine at the hospital I'm reminded just how crappy XP is. It was an big improvement over Windows ME and 2000, but was still crap compaired to mac os and Linux. Vista was a failure only because Windows 7 soon followed. IMHO Windows 7 is the best OS to date for PC though Windows 8 is the most stable.

  4. hey man don't knock XP , Knock windows vista , now windows 7 is better it's easier to run , and well with windows 7 you can run programs (at least some) on 7 you can do alot more than you can with vista heck I dual booted with vista and XP 

  5. Don't ever knock Windows Xp. To me, that was the best, well put together OS in the history of Windows next to 98.. Today they are just adding colors and shapes along with open back doors that even the strongest anti virus programs cant even close not to mention more computer crashes. 7 disappointed me on some minor action that made me say, "Why do Xp do this and 7 dont?" I found s 7 installed Toshiba with a bad hardrive. Its in good shape. I'm planning to get another HDD and install XP in it. Thats how good I thought it was. 8 is rediculous. The only way you can enjoy it on a desk top is to buy an expensive touch screen monitor or buy a tablet which 8 is only good for. Some people think whats now is in! I beg to differ. Like the old saying goes, "They don't build them like they use to!"

  6. Once support ends for XP, the next vulnerability found and patched by Microsoft in Vista/7/8 will be tested in XP by malware writers and if found that the same vulnerability exists in XP, everyone using XP has an open door into all their info and resources.

    XP is over 10 years old, imagine in someone in 2008 still using Windows 95, that's you now.

  7. Windows 8 is the best if you know how to use it…if you miss the start button…install classicshell…takes a minute and it's better than the start button in previous windows because you can customize it.

  8. There were no drivers when Vista first came out. and that's why people were complaining. Also, RAM memory was very expensive and a lot of people couldn't justify paying $150 for 1GB of RAM.

    That is the real reason why Vista failed. Any Pentium 4 from the year 2000 and later could run Vista with no problems at all, but the lack of RAM in those older machines was the issue and nothing else.

  9. ok let me get this strait windows is a variety of operating systems and it depends on the specifications your running i ran 7 on my old xp to see what it was like and it was a LOT slower than xp i went back to xp yeah i had the CD and it went back to normal depends how much resources it chews up xp uses a lot less than 7 run xp on a new machine and it will be like lightning been there done that played with old operating systems going from DOS to windows 7

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