Windows vs Linux vs Mac OS for Geeks!

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Hi jimmy, I love your videos, I’m a big fan. I have a question for you: Why do you use Windows OS, aren’t supposed truly geeks use Linux or MacOS? thanks

It depend which geek you are talking about, a Gamer Geek or a Content Creator Geek ?
Wondering Windows 10 vs Linux vs mac OS Sierra and which OS do geeks use than let me explain each OS before I can…


  1. gimp google docs . your not looking for alternatives to that apps you use you may need to use to but honestly other then gaming I can see a reason to not use linux. what you can do in on a old laptop put linux on it and learn from it . i dont like apple but I am going to buy a mac so I can be a good system admin .being able to work on any os will little trouble but I think my heart will always be in linux.

  2. GIMP + Inkscape + WPS + Blender + Steam would fill your needs unless you work on core MS Office plugins or have any need for VB, you can get in Linux all of that…. but yeah, I understand after years on windows is hard to migrate.

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