Windows Vs. Mac Vs. Linux Vs. Android Vs. IOS Vs. Cats…Platform Wars! EP143

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Android Vs. IOS, Windows Vs. Mac, PS4 Vs. XBox One, Nintendo Vs. SEGA, AMD Vs. Nvidia, Cats Vs. Dogs…etc
The Platform Wars have always been around long before Fanboys and Fangirls started their never-ending Flame Wars. Ever since the Atari and Commodore 64 days, I can remember how much people loved their Tech Platforms and sometimes they loved them a little too much. But is a Platform War really the answer?


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  1. you referred to MS favored guys conservative and resistant to change and move on to Linux. You missed new platform, they call it AndroidPC, Chromebooks: ChromeOS, CubOS, PhoenixOS, RemixOS, SailfishOS. Their ambition is to boat Play store and hopefully Apple Stotre, Windows store, Ubuntu Store into their desktop friendly interfaces, all the while creating proprietary stores of their own.. called variations to the major stores .. RemixStore, Sailfish store, Nokia store, to name a few

  2. I started off with the vic 20, then amiga and then went onto pc. I was mainly into programming until about 17yrs ago when my job made it impossible to continue. Would like to try and get back into it again with linux mint.

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