Windows Weekly 560: Windows à la S Mode

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We broke this story a month ago but Microsoft just confirmed that S mode is real. But won’t happen until 2019!? Windows 10 builds are coming fast and furious: The end is nigh! Debian and Kali come to Windows Subsystem for Linux, Windows 10 usage share for Dummies, you can edit 3D images in 3D now in Paint 3D. Skip Ahead folks get a new Windows 10 Redstone 5 build with more Sets functionality. Related: MS made a few Win 10 announcements at Win Dev Day. Windows 10 is now an AI platform for…


  1. Speaking of app icon placement/removal, I use the excellent Microsoft Launcher on my Moto E4 Android phone. You can set it up to place the most used app icon top left, then 2nd most used app's icon to the right of it, so forth. That way your most used apps are right on top. I still miss my Lumia Windows Phone. Grrrrrr. It was the best phone OS period.

  2. Hi there, Leo, Greetings from Romania! I'm listening to your shows since 2007… and I've found you because of Mr. Thurrot, because I was searching for his real good Windows articles… I remember the WinSuperSite which I was checking almost daily from the Windows Me and 2000 beta times. Then, when the podcast fenomenon appeared, I've searched for a podcast with Paul and found this show. Then, I was tunning to your radio shows on saturdays and sundays, when you were broadcasting them over the Internet using a camcorder via firewire 🙂 Remember? It was you that introduced me to iJustine's world, at the time when she was an lifecaster… nice times… I remember your 1st video studio, then the Brick House… Cool memories!

  3. I agree with MJF about edge being ok for people. For people that actually know the difference (not just because that's what their son or nephew told them to use) edge is not as good, but it's not horrible. My only complaint is how slow it still is when you long press/right click to get context menus.

  4. I've had Verizon WWAN in my laptop since 2006. I use it mostly for work and (in theory) to not have to use public Wifi. I have always used it for regular connectivity. Tethering your phone is great unless you have a grandfathered unlimited plan where tethering is not allowed.

    The ARM processor with built in LTE was something I seriously considered, but I decided to go with 8th Gen Intel i7 in the Dell Latitude 7390 2 in 1 instead. It gets 17 hours battery life, 12 inch footprint with a 13.3 inch screen,  has USB-C power and plenty of horsepower at 3.2 pounds.

  5. For tabs, imagine this: You work in technical support, and you want to have your documentations, enterprise pages, notes for each ticket opened for you. And you have many tickets to work on a single day, multiple times.

  6. I just started developing a PWA and mostly to target Edge as well. And no matter just how hard I try to support the Microsoft platform, it always turns out to letting me down. Edge has become a nightmare to develop for. Full of bugs. Within three months had to open the third problem feedback that not only it not supports features, but even the ones it supports, supports badly, in an unexplicable way. So I'm ending up with not only a PWA that cannot support the Microsoft platform, but ending up with a webpage that is featureless even if you have IE11 available.

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