Windows XP→10 Upgrade Fest on a 2007 MacBook [SSD]

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There were a lot of requests for what to do with this MacBook, so I did all of them… sorta. It took a long time.
Upgrade Path:
Windows XP Pro
Windows Vista Ultimate
Windows 7 Ultimate
Windows 8 Pro
Windows 10 Pro


  1. Mine is the same 2007 MacBook with a 2.0 Core2Duo. Problem is the optical drive has problems reading some discs. I heard that failure rates for these drives are quite common but if you all know a fix I’d love to hear it.

  2. Men I really enjoy windows xp goes to windowd 10 some istalletion was a little fail but you just made it!yes hotwheels I really love that whatever yea pretty great evolution about windows was good I enjoy

  3. Converted my first gen xbox 360 controller to transforming dpad while watching this. Just felt like mentioning this little bit of information.

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