Windows XP 64 bit in Modern Hardware

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Can Windows XP 64 bit run on modern hardware? Lets find out!

Warning: Do these actions on your OWN risk.

Office 2010 workaround for 64 bit based PC’s:

Windows XP Updates after July 2014:

(64 bit)



  1. I got this OS when it was initially launched. Hardly anyone even knew it existed – because it was a disaster.
    There were a lot of issues with this OS though. A lot of games were completely incompatible. And as you this with this kid, some of the Opened Windows tasks would freeze.

  2. Modern Hardware ?….YES….but you gotta do some digging for drivers however. Microshaft killed this OS
    so it could stick us with the disastrous "Broken OS" (Vista 64bit) Yes…Vista was even worse then they
    say. I was a tech working on laptops then and it was a fraud Vista was offered…. XP Pro was killed of
    to make sure you had to get the worthless Vista 64bit instead.

  3. cool. Does it gor better performance on game fps, ram usage,and what about the software compability? if yes ill make a dual boot win10 and xp x64 onmy new i7 laptop :). …hoping for crazy performace yeahhhhh

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