Windows XP Backdoor Tricks – Part 1

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  1. Unfortunately sticky keys is disabled on the computers in companies that have half a brain IT guys.
    For home users, some might disable it as annoyance, but most have it on and its exploitable.
    But I prefer just erasing the password, much easier and works everytime 😉

  2. @H4x0r18 Offline NT is not a password cracker. It is a registry editor and in my experience (as long as you know what your doing) it very simple and fast to use. There are youtube videos for this. Though your method is good too as long as you have a Backtrack ISO. Offline NT is only a 4MB ISO. How large is Backtrack?

  3. I used Offline NT Password and Registry editor on a 64bit Vista successfully. It was a company computer where the prior employee quit and walked out on us and refused to provide passwords for his computer.

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