windows xp comeing to an end (2014) save you’r old pc’s

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Windows XP will be end of life 18th April 2014,

so now is the time for businesses and schools still using XP to consider the right upgrade path.
so in other words with out these patchs your
ainti virus is useless and your updates are gone
windows xp is mostly 32bit so
it limited to 4gig of ram and programs
are getting bigger and bigger so u need a new system there are plenty a free systems out
there zoirn os is free and can run just like windows xp or u could change it to be like…


  1. Microsoft wont me sending out updates anymore after April of 2014, which means our security systmes will be at a very high risk. Microsoft security essentials is claiming they wont support XP any longer if updates are no longer viable. So they say. Lets hope it's not true.

  2. Why you can save a old pc's, you know why I can't use until 5 years. Windows XP is too slow when I after upgrading to Windows Vista. But can I save old pc? No, its not helpful because if you not using old computer in 25 years, doesn't work. Can you believe when I am still windows 95 to windows xp and never upgrade anytime, because some local drives could not work anymore but you can still save your old pc at the whole time? Just upgrading it and no need to save it just upgrade it.

  3. why are u telling me this i dont care are u lonely or something ?need a friend ? then go find one some were else because im not in the mood to listen to your shit thank you ­čÖé

  4. well at lest your happy with your xp just saying like it is a old but good system but its not for everyone soon it wont support some of the new programs and software needed for your ipod or certain things like that just saying and just ta let u know it dosent matter about what system u use it matters about how good your cpu is

  5. Much ado about nothing really. Just run XP in virtual if you need too and/or keep some old hardware around on ice for giggles. I can see a bigger challenge in the corporate sector but if XP machines are walled off properly, there is really nothing to worry about: just upgrade only what you need for the 'hot side' and wall off the rest to transition on your time.

  6. You can't say that!!! Respect Windows XP as it is dying. I have 2 Windows XP computer in my hand. One is starting to die of old age (The computer is turning 9 years old) the other one has no problems with the Operating System. It is just that the power button broke. (Age unknown but, that was my mom's computer from years ago. My, dad is going to repair the power button) My dad will be getting programs off of them.

  7. Anti-virus will still do its best to stop viruses.

    And BTW, I HIGHLY doubt Microsoft will stick with the April 8 2014 date. I believe they'll be forced to extend it by at least 2 more years because of still high usage.

    (the same happened to 98)

  8. Nope. Anti-virus will still work.

    I have a machine with Windows 2000 and has anti-virus on it, sometimes browser the web on it and there's never been a virus something on it (remember that 2000 support ended in 2010)

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