Windows XP Formatting and Clean Installation

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TUTORIAL- full format, install, reinstall windows xp. How to format hard drive windows xp pro (32bit). BACK UP ALL DATA FIRST! You should have a full version disk & valid Certificate of Authenticity C.O.A. sticker product key for Microsoft Windows XP Professional. Press esc, F1 or F2 to boot into the system BIOS to change the boot order for you system so it will boot from dvd/cd. Complete hard drive format of the operating system on a dell desktop pc. After booting back up to the desktop,…


  1. I did restore with windows XP cd, but now my laptop only boots up with the cd in it, without the cd in I only get a black screen with flashing cursor, it won't boot. But when I turn on with cd in drive, I get menu asking if want to install XP or boot from existing windows operating system on hard drive. I scroll down to that option and press enter and it boots up. But it won't boot from harddrive automatically, just blinking cursor on black screen . I must have install cd in and select boot from hard drive manually. How fix this?

  2. Can someone help me? I own this 1999 machine and I want to boot to my cd. But I can’t seem to boot it. It always show the Microsoft scan disk and I just want to format and install windows xp on it.

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