Windows XP: Hidden Song

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I like this song.


  1. still using Windows 2000 Professional, the most efficient and transparent MS operating system, internal release number is NT 5.0, Win XP is an update to NT 5.1 with some entertainment functions added, users step-by-step got strangulated by Microsoft and their marketing affiliates, mostly for more money making, for better spying on users, creating update terrors by never ending software errors (mind the intentional comparison to global new world order politics, same people, same tactics) amen!

  2. At some point almost 10 years ago i found out about this song. The whole vibe and composition of sounds and noises in this song are truly amazing. I used to open wmp and play this song on an infinite loop while gaming (mostly WoW) throughout the night. Such nostalgics. This songs gives me a warm comforting feeling inside. Thank you Bill!

  3. This is the OOBE (Out of box experience). It usually plays during a installation of XP. I think you can find it at C:/windows/system32/oobe/title.wav (Can only be found on XP)

  4. ah…Xp, my first OS i was using…But couldn't anybody just make unnoficial updates for it? God! XP is old but not THAT old, MAC os tiger from this same time as xp is obsolete today Xp i only partially,but guys! don't leave XP! lets MS see that many users use it long time! maybe they will make something then?

  5. Omg 😲 I found that the first time I used this when I was currently 5 my grandpa 👴 bought a mini windows xp laptop 💻 on xmas 09 and my grandma 👵 was so happy 😊 she let me use it I was born in 2004 and that's when xp came out (: I love windows xp

  6. I miss my old XP computer 🙁 When I was a little kid, I played a LOT on my aunt's XP computer, even the one I called the garage PC, cuz it was at the garage 🙂 But it had 7 on it, and my uncle changed it to the good old XP later.

  7. Windows XP.. Good memories, Well did you know this music was supposed to be the theme for a Ending of Windows XP Test?
    Indeed, What they did is set the time to 12/31/9999, 11:59 P.M.
    What happened next? Windows XP Dies. The time stopped and was set to "00:00:00."
    Including the system becoming very laggy and unresponsive to other programs.
    The day was… 1/1/10000.
    That is the day Windows XP WILL Actually end.

  8. This song isn't hidden, it plays during installation of XP, although no-one really ever heard it because people didn't have their audio drivers downloaded at that point.

  9. Hey, the first time I heard this was not on Windows xp, but on some sort of microsoft encarta flight simulartor thing that came out before windows XP, it had other tunes like this and was overall a great soundtrack, but I can't remember anything else? Can anyone help me out here?

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