Windows XP Home Edition Installation Updated Link

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Download iso (Updated August 10, 2017)

Product Keys from:

Hide activation notification:

Get 30 day trial back:

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  1. I hate spam links on comments. I just deleted a couple of them. If any of you see those comments about links to keys or somewhat related to the video. Don't click on them. I don't tolerate them either.

  2. while trying to install windows XP after the checking hardware black screen it give me the blue screen error and sometime it goes to the blue screen saying setup is starting windows installation but still gives blue screen error after it any solution i need help!

  3. Have you got WinXP Home without SP? I have PIII 500MHz computer with about 1GB RAM and I wanto use it for Internet via Wifi and I ned a small operating system and a small web browser.

  4. In the link. There are professional and Home Edition OEM and retail. You will need a Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 98 Second Edition, Windows 2000 Professional (Only professional) or Windows Millennium Edition (ME) isos so you can install Windows XP they will ask you for one of them when you configure your drive's space. You can get those isos at winworldpc . com / library _m3 . shtml

  5. I don't know.It might not be touched because it works perfectly you will have to find a product key online. The Windows XP Professional iso doesn't work because you get a WPA error even if you activate. Only the Windows XP Home Edition isos work.

  6. Read the entire description for the links. One of them has the product keys and the other is about hiding activation notification and bring trial back. The product keys are genuine but, after you are done setting up Windows XP, you will see an activation notification in the task bar. Use the hide notification and every time your 30 day free trial is up, use the video in the description on how to get your 30 day free trial back.

  7. All are 32 bit. There are 4 isos because 2 of them are OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). Other 2 are retail (Use this if you are upgrading to Windows XP from an earlier). DO NOT COPY ONTO A DISK!!! IT IS HIGHLY ILLEGAL DUE TO COPYRIGHT!!! These are meant to be used as a Virtual Machine CD/DVD only!!! If you want a Windows XP virtual machine, download Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 and that iso to emulate and install. Be sure to have 1 gb RAM or more to install.

  8. No, he was talking about his profile picture being a triangle. After that he must have gotten suspended for a while. I had a different profile picture 2 months ago. I upload a new profile picture everything. I am only hating on Windows 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 3.1, 95, ME, Vista, 8. I don't what he actually means since I have Aspergers.

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