Windows xp in virtualbox (ISO file and product key)

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link to windows XP 32-Bit:

Product Key: H689T-BFM2F-R6GF8-9WPYM-B6378


  1. Thank you so much, I've always wanted to have my old Windows XP running again! It brang back good memories. Now I can do whatever I feel like on there! I subscribed, because it was WAY too hard trying to do this on the other download links. Yours was the only one that gave me the right key

  2. I think that Windows XP was a great operating system. I first used it in 2007 at my old house (29 Wilson St, Islington, Christchurch 8042, New Zealand) & Hornby Primary School which is near The Hub Hornby. It was a very popular operating system but sadly, it's unsupported now. Windows Vista will still be supported until 2017. Intel Core 2 Duo processors & 2GB of RAM work out really good with XP. Microsoft Office 2003, designed for Windows XP followed in late 2003 with the introduction of OneNote (not included with any bundle).

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