Windows XP Installation – Full Tutorial

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This video is extremely long, but I walk you through the process of installing this still commonly used dinosaur of an OS called Windows XP. I also walk you through getting things set up after installation.


  1. If I took my computer to the shop and they deleted the partitions besides C I would be mad. But I do not take mine to the shop. My point is I would never delete a recovery partition on someone's computer I fix. I always use acronis and back up when I get one and then work on it just in case I mess it up. I kinda understand why you did it maybe it was before sp3 maybe sp1 or 2 and you saved time by using a disk with sp3.

  2. After you use the windows activate key 10 times it will no longer activate there are some hacks in the registry, but they don't last after 30 days, have you found any work arounds on the activate besides using other peoples keys……with using your own license disk..

  3. Have you had any experience with the Atom D510 or D525 motherboards, I am thinking
    about trying it with XP, do not know if XP Home supports Duel Core and hyper threading, wondered if you have played with this type of set up,, Thanks

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