Windows XP Internet Connection (Through Ethernet)

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Hello, i ran into a couple bumps attempting to connect to the internet through Ethernet and i figurd i’d post this to help anyone who may have a similar problem. Please post a comment if you have any other problems. THANK YOU 🙂


  1. It's like the IP's / MS have blocked out all of us that are still trying to hang onto the best OS ever made…They (MS) want to force us to conform to their way of living ….. It's 2018 now… I wonder if your method is not working anymore because of changes that MS made to get us all off the XP os….

  2. Holy shit thanks dude, windows xp is so unintuitive, and all those bullshit tutorials made me rage while trying to do anything.This one, although poorly filmed, is legit

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  4. hey, ive done all these steps and i am connected to internet but every time i go to any website that isnt owned by google or whatever it says cant connect to HTTP, HTTPS, FTP servers little help plz

  5. hi I couldn't able to connect to internet… I see a message stating limited or no connectivity and IP address is I tried to release it and renew but I see a message saying unable to contact DHCP server. pls help me with this

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