Windows XP Luna – Acer aspire 3630 modded by ricardofr-200

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Theme, áudio and pictures:

Princess Luna vector by CyanDream6 on DeviantArt,
“Another Luna Night” wallpaper by Jonh Joseco,
Princess Luna theme by jeurobrony on DeviantArt,
Windows XP Luna startup by ricardofr-200,
Audio from MLP:FIM and edited by ricardofr-200


Link for the theme:…


  1. You think you could send me that XP bootup thing? Can't find one on DA and I've installed XP on a little intel atom laptop for the luls and I'm tryna fit it out with Luna luna and more luna, I got the theme (first used THAT in 2013) but I still want a bootup changer, and that tuneup thing everyone is using costs money…

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