Windows XP Mode – Installation in Windows 7

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This is a virtualization technique of Windows XP that works for Windows 7 only. This does not work for Windows 8 or Windows 10, but Vista is not confirmed.

How to Install Windows 7 in Virtualbox/VMware:

Windows Virtual PC:

Windows XP…


  1. I did this on a computer a few years back and it took some time to get it done right. This video was a big help for installing on another computer and I did manage a successful install. Thanks!

  2. Thank you very much. I managed, successfully, to install Virtual PC, and Windows XP Professional, on an Acer Laptop running under Windows 7 Home Premium. I did this because I stopped using a PC which was running on Windows XP Professional (no longer supported by Microsoft) and therefore had otherwise redundant software and equipment.

  3. This is a great tool to use on Windows but I keep getting an error message saying "Please restart you PC and enter BIOS settings" does anyone know how I can run this "BIOS" method? I would love to know!

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