Windows XP on Aspire One 8GB – P1

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A test run of Windows XP service pack 3 on Acer Aspire One 8GB Intel SSD(slower one), 1GB RAM

Notice that you must wait at the desktop screen for a while before you can really open an application smoothly.

No additional mods or script was used. I just disabled D2D, Prefetch, System Restore, Hibernate, and Page File.

1. I used an external CD/DVD Drive then booted on a bootable XP Home Edition SP2 CD then full install (not nlited, not tinyxp)
2. I downloaded…


  1. I just installed an OCZ Agility 30gb SSD in a Lenovo N100 dual core pentium 1.6ghz with 2gb ram. Windows XP pro SP3 fully updated.

    45 seconds from completely off to desktop (no hourglass). If the Lenovo bios gui splash was shorter it might go even faster.

    It replaced a HDD loaded with Vista. Needless to say the difference is night and day.

  2. i have this netbook but i installed a ssd accelerator which turns it into a beast!! u can use flashfire or flashpoint ssd accelerator.. after installing u see a huge difference in speed

  3. Great vid..

    Im testing the Windows 7 on my Acer Aspire 8GB SSD, and run pretty cool… but sometimes when I open a webpage, the speed decrease a little bit and run fine again… did u get this kind of decrease in Xp too ?

  4. If u have a wireless network you can use your main computer CD/DVD drive to watch videos on your acer one, u can also use it to download CD on it.

  5. depends on your needs, but for basic net activities (email, surf, chat), this is worth it.

    be sure to read more about converting the $299 Aspire One to XP though before buying one as it comes with Linux.

  6. I have modded mine with a 60Gb Toshiba (5mm) 4.200 RPM harddrive. The aspire one got pretty resposive and fast, even for a slow cpu! Also run XP pro, unmodified. Even though the SSD has faster access speeds, it cant beat the harddrives higher transfer speeds, both in writes and reads. And one more thing; if you formatted the SSD in NTFS, I recommend using Fat32, it got much faster (before I used a harddrive)

  7. dont u know what the bios is?
    look it up on wikipedia.
    u got to download it if u wanna get rid of the flickering screen. The official bios can be retrieved from the acer website

  8. that's the drawback of netbooks as they have small (3-cell) batteries with them. you can buy an acer 6-cell battery for this though if you have spare cash which can last up to 5-7hours (not tested yet).

  9. Oh so that answers it…. Mine only has NOD32 on bootup to XP. Desktop w/ SSD light finishing at 40sec. Only have Open Office 3 and Firefox 3 installed as main apps. Yahoo messenger, some tweaking tools on the side. Don't think if affects bootup. I just uploaded a video of my setup. From button click to Yahoo website in 60sec.

  10. that's good to hear. hope you could upload a vid of that and post the tweaks you did as well. i got 30+sec bootup time with XP when it was freshly installed, but when i installed softwares (office, dreamweaver, avast, etc) the loading time became slow. i'm thinking of reverting to linpus as the battery life with XP is just around 2hrs compared to linpus with 3hrs and 20sec bootup time.

  11. I have the 1gb RAM, 8gb SSD(slow Intel) version of the AAO as well. I installed XP home SP3 on it, and did alot of speed tweaks. It boots up around 35sec to desktop. and another 5sec for the SSD to finish everything. So all in all about 40sec. Your's seems to take forever to load…. hmmmm.

  12. i used external DVD/CD drive to install it. 🙂

    the booting time is just as fast as my desktop (or almost the same). SSD on the Aspire One has fast READ speed but slow WRITE speed (on intel ssd models) so booting is not totally affected.

  13. yup. it's just 8GB of space. this machine i only intended for small tasks such as creating documents or browsing internet. after installing xp and office, you would still have 5GB of extra space.

    aspire one comes in different models: 8GB SSD, 80GB and 120GB HDD. SSD's are shock proof and uses less power. HDD's are high capacity but not shock proof and uses more power that's why HDD versions are bundled with 6-cell batteries.

  14. uhm.. why?
    1. I don't have a budget for macbook air
    2. even so, I don't want to spend that much on something disposable (like all gadgets are)
    3. I don't want to spend money on crappy OS(vista) which is a rip-off from LinuxBeryl and OSX.
    4. MacBook Air is NOT as small as this.
    5. Vista + MacBook Air = show off.

    also, can you use your macbookair on your lap for hours without the use of a notebook cooler? 🙂

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