Windows XP on PS3

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ps3 running windows xp from linux!we finally managed how to run windows xp in an emulation mode from linux kernel! watch this amazing video of ps3 hacks!


  1. Lo imaginaba más rápido por la capacida de hardware que traer el ps3 con un sistema de Windows XP o si se pudiera instalar Windows 7 y animadores de PS2 PS3 Xbox 360 y además del uso comodos para los juegos de pc

  2. if anybody that watches this video has any bit of common sense, that's Fedora in Japanese… And half you guy probably believed "OH MY GAWD, THIS GUY HAS WINDOWS XP ON HIS PS3!!! :O" NO! you CAN'T run a ANY version of Windows on a Linux kernel, i dont care who you are, its not going to happen. Trust me, ive been developing my own Linux disrto. secondly, you can see the big white "f" with the blue circle… thats the Fedora Logo

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