Windows XP POSReady 2009 Installation, Activation, and Review (Updated for 2015)

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If you’re concerned about Microsoft’s end of support for Windows XP, you may wish to check out this unappreciated gem – “POSReady 2009”. It’s XP, but with an improved installer, better customization, a fresh new theme, and most notably, Microsoft’s blessing through 2019. In this video, I cover installation, activation, and other general information on the operating system.

** UPDATE (May/June 2015): It has been found that while the TweakNT method described in the video gets rid of the text…


  1. The design is the same as Microsoft had for Windows Media Center Edition 2003 — which never had a big market share but was actually only a Windows xp with Media Center lol…

  2. Thanks for this fella, never knew XPE existed until spotting your channel.

    Minor problem though,, I have install this in a Virtualbox inside win7, works well.
    However here's the rub, I've tried to install POS on a physical PC (5 times), it won't let me logon as Administrator at all once the setup has concluded.

    It looks like the First Boot Agent is not running after the (1 and only) reboot

  3. Microsoft might complain that people are installing this on computers that aren't technically POS systems. But I would argue that if your computer can't run Vista or Windows 7 well because it has less than 2GB of RAM or something, your computer is, in fact, a POS.

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