Windows XP PosReady 2009 Review and Installation Walkthrough

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If the lifting of Microsoft’s blessing in April 2014 left you concerned about future installations of Windows XP, Redmond has an under-publicized alternative that you might really like. It’s called PosReady 2009 – it’s XP with a few tricks up its sleeve and it is covered in detail in today’s video.

Windows XP PosReady 2009 Microsoft-provided download link:
Proper Product Key: KGRMV-TWG8H-43Y2K-7PJBC-PM4CB


  1. I'm not ditching XP just yet. One, it works for what I need it for, two you can use the Posready 2009 reg, modification. (I know people are going to tell me that it's stupid or it's dangerous, but I've done it on other XP computers and nothing went wrong.} And Three, I don't feel like spending a bunch of time reinstalling an OS on my computer since I came from Windows 7, (which did not originally come with my computer.)

  2. Do the games are woriking on this windows? I have xp and i want to change on this system but i am scared about games. Sometimes after work i like to play something

  3. Also, I recently installed this on my Desktop PC as I upgraded the HDD it seems that it won't let me access certain websites as it did on my old hard drive when I installed this OS's. Did you have any issues accessing Facebook, Ninite, Firefox iNSTALLER, etc…

  4. Perfect! Your channel will get banned because, apparently, this OS is copyrighted and it can not be shown on YouTube. A lot of channels were terminated because of this OS. I don't want that from this channel 🙁

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