Windows XP Professional 64-Bit Edition – Installation in Virtualbox

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Here is how to install Windows XP Professional 64 Bit Edition in Virtualbox!



Windows XP Professional 64 Bit:


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  1. I'm trying to install Windows XP x64 Pro in Virtualbox and it keeps saying Fatal Error Boot Medium something System halted do you know the solution to this?

  2. Thanks! It works. Using it with my vm.

    For people who want to download and use this:
    I scanned it with avast and malwarebytes, and both of them showed nothing. Looks like that this is safe!

  3. Oh god thank you. you're my hero EverythingEpan! ive wanted a windows xp virtual machine for such a long time. but the only problem is that it says i need to activate windows after 30 days. plz help.

  4. I can't connect to Internet with my Windows XP SP3 French ( i'm french ) on Virtual Box and I Try with a Windows XP SP3 English and I don't touch anything I can connect on Internet … ? Why

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