Windows XP Professional SP3 Activated ISO Download

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Shytzedaka’s ISO All rights reseved
Download: (the .iso file is in the .rar file)
Note:Might Have Driver problems on a Physical Computer installation.


  1. it's a good video, just no idea how u could ask ppl not to copy"right" your files when u went and copyright windows's files.. rofl.. if it were me, i'd straight off the bat gone and edit your iso, no offense xD

  2. Let me get this straight……You say DON'T redistribute or receive a copyright strike when your doing it yourself, You credit the other person, but take his video instead of making your own, and you post up a still picture of a FISH that has nothing to do with XP, then show a generic picture of a logo, and claim that Microsoft's antivirus (Which under proper name is Defender) Giving a false detection. The Rar name (NO need to compress unless you are hiding something) is completely random and has no relation to Windows XP…..And you also say it has driver problems if physically emulated (Which if it was an original scanned copy, would not have that problem) Your probably distributing malware made this Shytzedaka guy, (Which is actually translated through HEBREW) and thinking that just because it boots that your clean. I recommend looking into this for yourself, make your own video of a bought REAL copy, and consider differently of action o distributing this. Have a nice day.

  3. I dont mean to be a buzzkill, but technically you aren't able to copywrite this. After all most of the content wasn't even made by you, it was made by Microsoft. Thats not to say this isn't useful.

  4. if the file is too big google cant scan it which is good becuase that means google cant get rid of it plus it will crash the whole google server if they do open it

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