Windows XP Service Pack 4 (Unofficial)

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How to Install the BETA Unofficial Service Pack 4 for Windows XP.

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  1. windows xp is Awesome, i'm using windows xp 2002, but i wish i could find something 2 rebuild it i'm not really a fan of window's 7 much i have it but never use it, i keep installing window xp pack 3, & windows xp pack 2 & window's xp pack 1 on window xp, but i have try'ed everything, & that's why i know, i'm not finding the right thing, but i keep installing them, all the time, the window's pack's, keep's telling me, i don't need them, & my computer sound's hell weird in the good way, but i guess that's a good thing, & it sound's so fast & over worked, & has some over powering noise's in the system, i bet you it won't crash & burn. Window's is a tuff bitch.

  2. Windows XP comes with Internet Explorer 6 and Windows Media Player 8
    On Service Pack 2 , it comes with Windows Media Player 9 Series and Changes to Internet Explorer 6 , media feature got removed and added windows messager,
    Also you can Upgrade to Windows Media Player 10 and 11 (Icon changes) and Internet Explorer 7 and 8 (Icon Changes) Starting on Service Pack 2

    ( on old version of windows 98 , 2000 , ME and Windows XP SP1 on internet option , you can change security zone level with a warning messege.)
    On SP2 , it won't allow you to change the security zone level, it will give you the error messege , also introduced pop-up blocker.
    On SP3 it had a minor changes and fixes ( Like SP2 , but a little changes.)

    On Windows XP x64 Edition Service Pack 1 already have feature reviewed on Regular XP Service Pack 2
    This is based on Windows Server 2003 so there's no Service Pack 3 on 64 bit version as it was released seperate and diffrerent (Year 2005)
    Comes with Windows Media Player 10 and Internet Explorer 6 , both 32 and 64 bit.
    On SP1/SP2 Windows Media Player can be upgraded to 11.
    On SP1 Internet Explorer 7 can only be upgraded. On SP2 Internet Explorer 7 and 8 can be upgraded.

  3. i call it useless update, no improvement after this update. my usb 2.0 performance has not change one bit to match that of vista sp2 and 7 sp1.. so no thanks. a waste of time IMHO

  4. sp4 is yust sp3 complete updates isnt any beta out there.

    I think posready updates from windows server 2003 is better option, it comes from windows xp sp3 add yust posready for atm and workstation, add this tree lines in nopad and change exsion to reg:
    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

  5. this cleearly shows that people are still interested in XP and as I suspected, there would be other 'support' after 2014

    so as I also said, the 2014 thing is just hype and isnt even a problem really considering XP always was and always will be poor at security.. nobody botheres wasting their time attempting to create malitious software for OLD OS's and if your careful you can avoid viruses 99% of the time.

  6. If MS is gonna stop supporting XP, then they should eliminate the need to update it. Need a class action suit to release XP as open sorce to the people many who paid good money only to have what the bought become defective

  7. Just get Windows Embedded POSready 2009, it gets support until 2019. Don't risk your security with this. Look it up, it has almost the same interface and is a great alternative to XP

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