Windows XP setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer

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This errors usually happens when installing windows XP on newer computers, Also very common problem on laptop computers particularly Acer laptops where the default SATA mode is AHCI

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  1. have ATA option in my dell e4310 instead of IDE i selected it but still same problem my hard disk not found error and some times i get message " Examining disk on … disk … on … ide … on atapi. please help possible options.

  2. sir, i am installing winxp pro, but it is stucked on the message..(Examining 76346 MB DISK 0 AT ID 1 ON BUS 0 ON ATANI…)
    my hard disk is of 76346 mb(80gb) please..give me an appropriate solution.

  3. I m using windows xp professional. suddenly when updating my windows xp through windows cd, my computer does not start. instead while restarting my computer, it's in the loop of startup windows mode, but does not start… asking insert express recovery disc of title GIGABYTE.. but after inserting disc, still not able to start computer

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