Windows XP solitaire in 17 seconds

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My Current solitaire record.


  1. I can do it in 60 seconds but without any glitches playing fair and relaxed… And btw I don't know how you click so fast on the cards and react so fast?

  2. @StarJekker Might as well stick with 3 card, its more of a challenge. After switching to Vista and now Windows 7, the game got a lot harder than on XP and I don't even bother going for times anymore. My best XP time was 38 seconds and now my stats on Vista/7 are 13% win (80 out of 591)

  3. @StarJekker single's way easier. With 3, you get trapped with the 2 cards behind the top one and you can't use them until that top ones gone. With single you get access to all the cards in the hand.

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