Windows Xp Sp2 x64 Vs. Windows 7 x64 – Gaming Performance – HD

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EDIT 2014:
It’s a long time ago i made this video. Today i wouldn’t recommend XP to ANYONE. It’s old and outdated. Microsoft is closing support and updates for XP this year anyway, so it would be a big security risk running XP today. Today i would recommend Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 too if you can live with the tablet-like metro interface.

To those who still watches this video. ENJOY.


  1. The biggest advantage Windows 7 has is Vulkan support (since it doesn't support DirectX 12) and newer drivers. Meaning it can display brand new games properly (that's the Vulkan part if anyone is confused), and use the newest hardware.

  2. Yeah tit for tat every subsequent MS OS after XP can never truly be faster then XP. They all employ TILT-BITS and run code checking for piracy. These days MS is burning up CPU cycles calling home to make sure your all good boys and girls. You'll get some extra bling with each new OS but the so called "improvements" are largely vapid.

    If lies pay better than the truth expect lies

  3. Try running Crysis in dx9 and x64 mode too see if Win 7 is still much better there. I would think that the WoW64 had gotten much better then in XP64 but perhaps the x64 bit codepath is comparible to the W764 one.

  4. xp is the best for gaming.. i have AMD Athlon x64 with 2gb RAM.. i put Operating system Windows Xp.. its good to gaming.. when i change it on Windows 7 it becomes Chuppy in game.. i decide that i will back to XP.. for the good performance of games.. TY

  5. Best performance light os so your prog gets most of hardware power heavier the os the less cpu power gpu you'll get for your game to use.
    Windows xp 32 bit best gaming performance so far lets c all prog are mostly 32 bit all cpus are 32 bit years of dev and such. 64 bit cpus are extended 32 bit cpus they are faster at 32 bit processing  …… Os in the 64 bit area must use windows on windows to perform 32 bit process adding another layer of program between hardware and whatever u are trying to run. xp 32 does have a memory limit but appears as if its artificial to prevent longer use . but theirs away around it.  i do not want a 64 bit system yet but i want to play planetside 2 and it works forever on win7 perf 64 bit not on 32 . and i get the best performance on xp but it crashes on it . win 7 32 as well. so i can get a decent game on windows xp 32 with a daul core first gen p4 3.00 ghz 4850 ati 4 gigs of ram but in win 7 64 its low fps at lowest settings. my new rig plays better 4 gig ram 3.16 e8500 cpu 9800gtx+ nvidia in xp up to 200 fps lowest setting win 7 150 maybe so far and win764 trying it now not sure although driver optimization is also higher on xp 32 since its the staple os. People your being tricked into buying bull shit for the most part .
    Xp 32 is the ruller dont believe me partion your hd install xp 32 and whatever othe os you want . then play your games on all of them c whats best i have xp per 32 win7 32 had 64 but droped it now im gonna try xp64 and 7 64 on my new rig.
    think of it this way if your cpu has to do twice the computations at its current speed because you upgrade to 64 bit os how can it be faster i ask.
    how can a cpu do twice as much and be faster. The only way you get faster is to buy newer cpu or reduce the load on you current one. wish someone would make a gamers os just for games and nothing else light fast effective. id be happy with a dos promp. you realize that video game system have probably nearly non existent os and why they do games so well its all abought the game and not word perfect or office shit or any of the bull.

  6. Windows xp is still good even after expire date I don't know why people say the fps is lower when it aint? Windows 7/8 preform like shit for 3d yet xp preforms amazing also people still use dx9 so coming out with dx 11.2 no one will run that shit also there is nothing great about 7 or 8 other than they want to make money Linux would be the best to go to only if they supported  more games and fix AMD Drivers. I contacted AMD, and they say their driver is fine I laugh.XP was and is Superior in gaming area and always will be until Linux comes around and every driver is supported.

  7. Somebody pls reply. My PC Specs are:
    Intel Pentium E5700 dual core @ 3.02 Ghz + 3.02 Ghz
    4 GB DDR3 Ram @ 1333 Mhz
    ATI Radeon 5450 DDR3 1GB
    I currently have windows xp sp3 and I get the following benchmarks:
    GTA 4-low settings- 18-25 FPS
    Tomb Raider 2013-Medium Settings-30-40 FPS
    Alan Wake's American Nightmare-Low settings-20 FPS
    I want to play battlefield 3 but my OS does not support it. So can anyone tell that if I upgrade to Windows 7, will my pc game better?

  8. For ignorant ones if you use win7 to play dx9 games it may drop in performance because it forces your card to emulate Dx9.Download Dx9 library for your win7 and it will jump in performance ^_^

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