Windows XP SP3 vs Windows Vista SP1

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– fishfishstinks wrote in to ask me with the release of XP SP3… will Microsoft soon stop supporting and updating XP altogether?


  1. @LordReserei01 Reason why 64 bit uses more memory is because it needs the extra memory for 64 bit programs, 32 bit uses less because well… It plainly doesn't need as much. Also I agree, its time to move on. I agree with Microsoft cutting off support for XP as well, this frees up developers for Vista and 7 in the future :).

  2. 48% of the market still uses windows XP… So what was that you were saying chris… BTW it's 2011. I have a mac and run XP in VMware fusion it's soooo much bearable than vista.

  3. @jase1091 That's true. 50% of people who use a Windows OS are using XP. There's nothing wrong with XP. I've been using it since it was released and I love it. Although, 7 is a lot better then XP. But still, XP is fine.

  4. @ljscott1990 Uhhh no. It's not. Back when Vista came out, a lot of computers back then only had 512MB or 1GB of RAM for the ones most consumers could afford. *NOW* tell me it's all media driven.

  5. and yes i am fucking installing windows xp on y new macbook pro i hate win 7 most games i loke dont work on it and i got like 5 times bsod i dont understand a shit of it re installed w7 3 times im sick of it now back to xp much happier ahhh all games works perfect ! ! ! ! !

  6. @DemonChamber666 One and the same? Uhhh… Vista is slower….. Has a few different features… Has different ways of doing things… Takes up more resources… And yet it's the same as XP??

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