Windows XP Trick – Create a Hidden Folder

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This tutorial shows you how to create a hidden folder in Windows XP. Do you have have something to hide from view?
Notes from Video:
Hold down the ALT key and using the Number Pad (not the numbers where the special characters are) press 0160 for a blank folder name.

In order to delete the folder you’ll need to rename it in a command prompt by typing:

ren ” ” foldername

That’s not a space in between the quotes. You need to…


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  2. You can change it back by highlighting your whole home screen. Then you will see a little rectangle highlighted. Right click on the little rectangle and go to properties then customize then change icon at the bottom then click whatever u want it to be then click apply.

  3. you should be able to right click on the folder again and uncheck the hidden tab. if you can even see the folder then go to tools/ folder options/ click on the view tab/ and scroll down until you see hidden files and folders and check the spot that says show hidden files and folders and it will show the folder the right lcik on the folder and uncheck the hidden box. hope this helps 🙂

  4. I have problem, i set desktop folder named '' Pictures '' to hidden, but not hidden this way. When you click on folder propertios in '' General '' down you can select ''Read only'' and ''Hidden'', so i clicked on hidden and i don't know how to back that folder to be visible 😀 If you can, please help me, in that folder is over 3000 photos 🙂

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