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In this video I will show you some tricks for Windows XP.
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  1. 1st number is background, 2nd is text. This is a list:
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    1 = green 9 = (same as background number 3)
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  2. But there's still a way that other people that use your account on the computer can find your invisible folder(s).
    1. They put the cursor on one corner of the screen, and then click and hold.
    2. They make the cursor go to the opposite corner of the screen (for example, if the cursor is at the top left screen, they go to the bottom right corner)
    3. Your invisible folder(s) are discovered!
    4. They release the mouse button.
    5. They click on it.
    6. Your secrets are discovered!

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  8. It Isn't The Secret Song Of The XP Not The Theme Also, After You Install XP That Song Will Play In The Background,You Might Not Hear It Because Your Sound Adapter's Driver
    Isn't Installed

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