Windows XP tricks and secrets

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HI guys….this video shows you some tricks and secrets of windows XP.
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  1. After Making Loads Of Symbols On Eudcedit, What Should You Do To See It In The Text? (Only Works With Notepad, Else This Thingy Will Get Onto Youtube: )
    1. Go To Run
    2. Type In: charmap
    3. Search In The Upper Bar Where Is Text Called "arial" And Go The Way Down Until You Will Find "Private Characters"
    4. Choose Your Hand-Drawn Symbol And Click On "Select"
    5. Now COPY.
    6. Paste The Symbol Onto Notepad (For Example = Right-click > Paste Or CTRL+V, On The German Keyboards: STRG+V
    Horray! You Have The Symbol Pasted!

  2. 6:Go to start:character map:scroll down until you find blanks:click the blank:click copy:then name your folder what you had copied:then go to properties:change icon:put the blank one:click apply:the folder is invisible

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