Windows XP Tutorial : How to Run Fdisk on Windows XP Pro

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While Fdisk is not included with Windows XP Pro, the functionality of the Fdisk program is still there and can be used to repartition or fix the master boot record. Discover how to manage a hard drive on Windows XP Pro with the help of this free video from an experienced IT computer consultant about troubleshooting Windows XP.

Expert: Dan Afonso
Bio: Dan Afonso is a computer consultant out of Central Massachusetts that has been working professionally in IT since 1993. Afonso has experience…


  1. sir? can you help me to my problem.. lately we take a exam for NATIONAL CERTIFICATION but im failed in "instaling windows XP using win98.."

    when the win98 boot.. and this drive appear"A:>" we will change the cd and put the xp installer." and run the xp setup using dos-command… 1st we need to go the CD_ROM drive which is D: but even i type the command "D:i386winnt32.exe or "D:i386winnt.exe" still the installation cant run.. >.<

  2. had bad ram in my machine, causing my machine to restart randomly. the computer prompted me to run scan disk to fix damaged files. thinking that was at the root of the problem, i ran scandisk. when i came back, the computer displayed "cannot load operating system". i'm guessing my computer shut down in the middle of scan disk and wiped out the MBR in the process. i hope your trick works!

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