Windows XP vs Ubuntu 11.04 Speed Test

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I dual boot my ASUS EEE netbook and compare boot times.


  1. Think about it you are comparing a 12 or 13 year old OS to one only 2 almost 3 years old if you compare it to something closer to the time the os was made like vista 7 or maverics for example ubuntu would win by far even the latest ones. xp was designed for machines of its era i still use it and i will switch to ubuntu after support finishes

  2. I have a slow old laptop, if i install ubuntu will it be fairly speedie again?I have cleaned out the laptop already and fixed many problems, it was alittle faster after i did thaqt but its still slow.Considering Ubuntu is maybe a lighter OS altogether and also will be a fresh OS obviously do you think it will run fast again?

  3. En el segundo 3:35 veo que la barra de inicio no es la que esta por defecto en el sistema operativo Windows XP original , es una version desatenida?

    3:35 in the second I see is not the default windows bar is an unattended version?

  4. @laupii1 In windows, if you're on your admin account you can just click 'Allow' in a window that pops up. That convenience in tandem with software compatibility issues forced me back to Windows 🙁

  5. @Tiel424 It's not true, you dont have to do it while you are surfing on the internet for instance, you have to do it when you are getting new aplications and stuff. And I find easier to use the annoying sudo prefix instead to go to….. I dont remember how I used to do that in Windows hahaha…

  6. Nice video bro… I dual boot Win7 and Ubuntu. I have found that as programs are added to a fresh windows install, the OS becomes increasingly slower to boot. Tweaking can overcome many of the issues, but it just means more work when wanting to achieve this. Linux has no issues when booting, even with an abundance of software installed. Nice vid though and very interesting…


  7. @panderohit Really, the main reason Linux lacks viruses is because every single operation needs an annoying -sudo prefix and type in your pass every single time.

  8. I use an older PC with Win XP and Xubuntu 11.04. The second one boots up much faster, uses less CPU. If you need desktop effects, just install Compiz, and Docky for the launcherbar. Simple, smooth, and beautiful 🙂

  9. @KylieMTV ok what I think Ubuntu developers should work on A DECENT SCREEN READER FOR BLIND PPL something like Jaws YES I KNOW JAWS is EX$PEN$IVE but do something half that and ill accept it
    i know blind ppl who might like linux IDK just sayin
    anyway another thing replace Evolution with Thunderbird <— ALOT easier to setup vs the other
    and probobly copy Linux mint
    and also KEEP THE ORANGE THEME love it GET RID OF THE PURPLE SHIT I HATE IT just my opinion
    thats why i switched to mint

  10. @handgunlover
    Ubuntu can be made faster too. No Compiz, no NTFS-compressed, no NTFS, no GPU-robbing graphics, etc.

    Off-topic: what W7 settings – no virus protector, no firewall, no NTFS-compressed/ encryption, no GPU aero-robbers, no graphics, etc?

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