Windows XP VS Vista in the same computer boot test

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This is what HP sells in Argentina. HP Pavilion dv2220la.Intel Pentium dual core 1.6, 80gb, 512 mb Ram. with windows Vista. Why sell a laptop with
Windows Vista… an OS that requires a minumum of 1024 mbs of RAM in a computer that comes with 512!! What the fuck are they thinking?!!?
My friend has the SAME fuckin computer, but he took off the vista shit and went back to the xp.
Here you have the boot comparison speed test with his laptop (with xp ue7) and mine (Windows vista, full…


  1. Vista is created, cause of people that wanna spend more money to the computer, and they they think they have something better than Xp, but if i use the same specs on Xp , like 4 gb ram, and 1 gm Video card, and Dual Core, It will be 100x better than on windows VISTA! Widnows VISTA sucks… In every Game requirements you read : For Windows XP: 1gb RAM, but for windows VISTA and WINDOWS 7 = 2 gb RAM minimum. Why? Cose Microsoft corporation wanna make more money!

  2. Wow that was some crappy laptop, the one with xp use like 1 min and the Vista one use like 3min lol. My laptop is from 2009 and it use 15 seconds to bot win7 and my rig use 7 sec.

  3. How is Windows 7? My laptop has Vista, but comes with a free upgrade to 7 when it officially comes out and when I have free time to take it in and get the upgrade. I heard so much bad stuff about Vista that when I got the computer I asked if I could "downgrade" to XP but they said they couldn't do that (probably because of comercialization or something).

  4. Due To the hundred of comments saying this laptops sucks… yes they do..and people who says they got 4g of ram bla bla ..good 4 u but let me tell you why this laptops sucks : BECAUSE THEY ARE ALMOST 4 Years OLD Suckers. So, when I got this laptot you probably didnt know what was windows vita.

  5. I bet XP would be faster on 512 MB, Vista Home Basic is on my Dell Inspiron 1000 and I will tell you its:
    Takes up so much hard disk space (Home Basic Takes 15 GB, it had an estimate of 32 GB and its real capacity is 27.74 leaving me …………….go figure) 12 GB is not enough for what I want on there (plus needed (drivers)). I mean 5 GB More space would give me 32 gigs with 17 Gigs for Me and my Porn 🙂
    User Account control
    The Record low ram for xp is 18 mb, vista; 256MB:………yeah.

  6. Me neither, I cant even open Firefox without User Account Control and the record low RAM for XP is 18 MB, lowest for Vista is 256MB hmmm…. what does that tell me, oh yeah; Vista hogs resources and for Home Basic alone it take 15 Gb of Space!?!?!?!? Windows XPs bug (also one of vistas) is Windows Genuine Advantage, i mean, i know piracy a problem but if you need to reinstall the OS and the product key you have the one you used. So for me XP or 2000 would be the choice, or NT 4.0 🙂

  7. i have dual boot OS xp/vista. my vista is nowhere near that slow. if anything they boot the same time. my specks are

    3000GHz processor p4 hyperthreading(acting as dual core)
    3gig ram
    1gig nvidia graphics
    DVD-ram drive
    DVD-rw drive
    800gig harddrives(3) (40/180) 40=xp, 180=vista partitioned) 320=storage1, 230=storage2
    card reader
    750gig external free agent hard drive.
    both genuine operating systems
    vista score of 4.2 cos lowest score processor.

  8. In deed.
    But you know that vista works like an xp without some services, but keeping the "pretty" interface
    i do.

    My machine has:
    Turion x2 1.8 GHz
    2 GB RAM
    nvidia ge force go 6150

    and with xp worked good (windows ue 6, the 7 version didnt like me because it hasnt ad-aware hehe)

    but when I configure my windows vista, wow!…it works better than with xp.

    Of course, with 512 MB in RAM you cant run xp as fast as one wich, but try to customize vista before to attack i did and i'm happy

  9. This is weird but i have a really crappy computer and personally i luv vista and i think its way better than xp, and plus i get faster loading times with vista ultimate then i did with xp Sp3 also Really luv the AERO Features!

  10. Vista loads up in under 20 seconds on mine, 4GB RAM (although it only sees 3.5gb), and thats from clicking the 'on' button to the desktop loading up and fully working.

    So it's not as shit as you make it out to be.

  11. ur missing the point mrjimmytwoshoes, i agree with compsciwiz. The only way to compare them is on two computers with the same hardware. The only thing vista is proving is that it needs better specs then xp

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