Windows XP vs. Windows 10 – Boot Time @ Pentium 4

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PC: Intel Pentium 4 (3,2 GHz, HT), 2,5GB RAM, GPU 512MB ATI X1650, 250GB HDD @ 7200rpm
3x Starts, Best Result. Clean install.
Stopwatch: From the boot „beep“-sound to the Windows desktop (with all notification icons).


  1. Honestly Microsoft, with the amount of revenue cashed in, surely a stable design can be achieved by now without needless encumbrance to users for the sake of innovations. I trembled at the thought of Windows 12 and how ridiculously backward it will be, yet to be forced upon users! I am still having to resort to XP as I am now.

  2. I'm not surprised in the least. XP was the last good OS from Microsoft. After XP everything became bloated. They forced Administrator rights features which are unnecessary for most users, power or casual, and with Windows 8 and 10 they embedded ads and spyware. So I'm not even slightly surprised that Windows 10 is slower.

  3. windows 10 – 31 s
    windows xp – 28 s

    esta pc yo uso unicamente para juegos y videos lo maximo que tiene instalado es chrome
    lols servicios imnecesario desavilitado en los dos

    Windows xp ram consumition 325 – 481 mb
    windows 10 ram consumition 768 – 984 mb

    solo por estar prendido si abrir nada

    mi pc
    procesador Intel Core i5-4460
    AMD FX-8320E
    8 GB de memoria RAM
    Gigabyte GeForce GTX 960 OC 2GB GDDR5
    1 Tb ssd

  4. it don't cares about the fast of the computer how much it take it cares about is the windows defender gonna defend windows defender just say to me a page that page is unsafe windows 10 is more beaful

  5. XP will always be better in performance on old-mid machines. I maintence hundreds of laptops each month and can surely say that low-mid-end laptops with WinXP performs much faster, this concerns windows interface and loading times. Win10 loads hard drive too much, the HDD is almost always in reading state. XP is like a featherweight comparing to Win10.

  6. windows xp is way faster than my current os (windows 8.1) it occupies about 20 times as much space only to put major lag in my daily work. Fancy looking interface isnt a trade off for performance sorry.

  7. we have to butt in with the fact that Pentium 4 was a VERY strong processor of that time, but is NOWHERE near what we have for today standards
    conclusion? Windows XP won because it have a super strong hardware and Windows 10 is handicapped

  8. To make Windows 10 worthy you need UEFI bios with Hard Disk converted to GPT (no longer MBR) to see 10-15 second boot times. Saying that doesn't mean Windows XP isn't better. In a matter of fact it's the best OS to use to this day if you want speed and hassle free OS where everything works. There are so many Performance/Lite editions there. I have one that is 200MB and about 700MB after installation + 26-28 process running in the background.

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