Windows XP vs. Windows 7

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Watch this video to see some of the differences between Windows XP and Windows 7.


  1. I have both and prefer XP, the so called highlights of win7 are the reason I don't like it, last night I install another XP on an old computer that was given to me and it is fast.

  2. Hi. I'm a computer technican with over 22 years of experience and I have tested XP, Vista, 7 and 8. Overall, I conculde to say that Windows XP 64 bit is the fastest, most usable and the best so far. The only reason Microsoft is discontinuing support for XP in April of 2014 is because they want to force XP users to upgrade to windows 8 so they can make money. I would never upgrade XP 64 bit.

  3. Nothing will EVER beat Windows XP, not even close! Neither Windows 7 or 8 can do it. With resolution set at 1280 x 800, it's very clear and with 24 inch monitor, you see everything very sharp and clear and very easy to read. On Windows 7 or 8, it's blurry. Even if you set to native resolution and increase DPI and text size to larger, most programs text are blurry.

    Sorry to say but Windows XP is here forever. Windows XP all the way!!!

  4. Windows 7 is great if after dozens of warnings which you need to click away like Billy the Kid's finger and the system allows you to click on something you actually want to do.

    And after you installed a 3th party directory up button.

    And if you start to remember what all those dummy folders are and that you can't open them.

    And if you are a woman and use the computer only to email your friends and don't care where your pictures are saved .

    Yes then Windows 7 is great!

  5. Sincerely , i think Windows 7 is better because, it's faster, it's more beautiful, it's more interactive. Windows XP is more stable, has a lower graphics than 7, and it's purely OLD.
    Windows 7 will rock forever, because the most users who used windows 7 didn't update their OS to windows 8 because it's more common.

  6. This isn't xp vs 7. This is an old lady trying to sell windows 7 to old people who don't want anything more than xp…. My guess from the looks of it. She is am employee of Microsoft who is reading some junk that is not helping anyone. Damn marketing.

  7. It's impossible to exploit a 64-bit processor on a machine that runs on windows XP and the 64-bit computers are tremendously MUCH faster than 32-bit. So it is not quite right what you say.

  8. They put all sorts of effort into adding visual effects in vista and 7 just to eventually wise up and go to extremely basic visuals now with windows 8. KISS keep it simple stupid. Windows XP was fast without any additional effects bogging it down. You could throw on a visual style or windows blinds and make it look better than windows vista/7 while maintaining speed and efficiency too. When they started to stop supporting xp with various new Hardware it was a very sad day.

  9. @MrGizmo757
    Windows 7 utilizes system resources more efficiently than XP = quicker at loading programs, faster boot/shutdown times, and a faster OS in general. Windows 7 supports more memory than XP, has a better user interface, and is better for gaming. XP is on its way out. Deal with it…

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