Windows Xp Vs Windows 7 boot time Acer Aspire One AOA150

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PC Left: Windows 7 Home Premium 32 Bits
PC Right: Windows XP Home SP3 32 Bits

PC Details:
Category: Netbook 8.9′
Processor: Aton N270 of 1.6 Ghz
Video: Intel Mobile Graphics (256 mb)
Hard Disk: 160 GB


  1. I remember to have tested on a -now dead- Samsung NP-N130, that has the same CPU Windows XP -can't remember version-. On a fresh installation, it booted in just 15-20 seconds. For comparison, Ubuntu 10.04 needs 30 seconds to arrive to the splash screen.

  2. windows 7 can't make you happy in notebooks like the atom processors in netbook it's too slow when you multi tasker even if you have a 2gb ram, but if you overlock your processor atom to 2ghz in a 800mhz ram like in my netbook u100x and it is stable like mine, it's a good choice to spend a years with windows 7 in your netbook, but from now on if your netbook dont have capable to overlock use win xp sp3, its a good choice

  3. its a notebook it just loads a windows vista boot animation even if that is windows 7, windows 7 animation boot screen needs to be 1024×768, and that notebook is 1024×600, that is a real windows 7, vista is slower than that and shitting notebooks, so if you can change the boot animation in notebooks get tweak for it if you can i do it and it's easy, sorry i i can't share

  4. @drumrocker365 *facepalm* Yeah, you sure are right. Your yelling made me realize that XP sticker is OBVIOUSLY Vista >.>, and the login background is so vista-ish. The taskbar also has nothing to do with it as well as the fact that I own this exact computer.

    -_- To not be one you made yourself sound like one.

  5. i love my windows 7 netbook but when i am on youtube or games sometimes it loses internet at the start thing on the boddom it has a yellow thing then it says no interent then i have to allways turboleshoot the broblum why does this happen?

  6. @DjIVORY18 for this experiment i fresh installed windows xp on my pc and it look 20 seconds to start up and 15 to shutdown and then installed windows 7 and it only took10 seconds to boot up and 3 seconds to shutdown. now theres a big difference between these too and by the way i tried windows 98 too witch took an massive 40 seconds to fully boot up and another 27 to shutdown

  7. @genuinebbuck and what im trying to say is, you can't take conclusions from this one review. I know what I am saying. I have seen winxp on notebook like this with boot time much faster. With no tweaks applied, nothing, just regular winxp and windows 7 can't do so fast, it is little heavier os than winxp, you can't argue it but with that said, I like windows 7 and it is more modern and pleasant os to use.

  8. @laurencelacson thats deffinitly true, windows xp best. but soon programs start to work better on windows 7. now its opposide… my video driver (latest) for my 9800GT doesnt 100% support windows 7. it gets crashes but win 7 recovers itself. at win xp i got no problems at all. someday we all have to believe that xp will become history.

  9. I have installed many systems and came to conclusion that boot time says absolutely nothing. On the same pc configuration, following by some odd rules, one time WinXP boot animation bar after fresh install goes like about 2 times then it loads logon screen and desktop, other time, on the same machine, after fresh install WInXP boot animation bar goes like 10 or more times before going in the logon screen and desktop. So it really tells nothing.

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