Windows XP vs Windows 98 and ME

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A lot of you wanted me to try out Windows XP on our interactive Retro Gaming PC. So in this video I am sharing my experiences, talking about the installation process and anything of interest. There are benchmarks of course, comparing XP performance against Windows 98 and ME.

Enjoy this video!

♦The PC used for this video♦

AMD Athlon 1 GHz CPU
Axper XP-K7V600 motherboard
Hercules 3D Prophet 4500 (PowerVR Kyro II)
PROMISE SATA300 PCI controller
120 GB BlitzWolf SSD


  1. Why didn't you use service pack 3 it is the full final version of the operating system if you wanted to actually do a proper test. Trying to test operating systems on their launch day does not seem logical. A better test of all of the operating systems is to include all of the patches fixes and updates as many contained performance tweaks.

  2. It's really impressive that their is so much more going on "under the hood" in the NT Kernel, yet the performance is nearly identical. Those MS Programmers are wizards, man.

  3. with a registry hack you can still get windows xp security updates until 2020. 🙂 windows xp mainstream support maybe gone but its personal support is still up and running at least for 3 more years. the registry hack tricks windows update into thinking that you have personal support on your windows xp pc…

  4. Just a suggestion: next time you do a MSDOS build ou video, try to benchmark playing the games through Windows 3.1. It would be fun since there isn't much info about Windows 3.1. As always, great video. Keep on rockin' man!

  5. Hey Phil, awesome video once again. I have two questions for you and the people in chat, maybe you can help. I need to install both Windows 98 and 2000 on my retro rig, is there some boot software that allows you to do that? (I think I had something from partition magic, but that was a long time ago so I don't remember). And also, I got a cheap Creative sound card that I found online and installed it onto my motherboard, because the onboard sound card seems to be busted, sound would only come into the left channel(speakers or headphones). However the problem I'm having is this soundcard, while it can play windows sounds just fine, when running games, they immediately switch sound to the on board card. I looked into dxDiag and the Creative card isn't listed there, is it possible that it isn't DirectX compatible, or I just have the wrong drivers? Thanks!

  6. +PhilsComputerLab

    Can you evaluate Via C3? It is definitely an exotic CPU which is hard to find, but I was always surprised how crappy these CPUs are and there are very few clips out there.

    In fact, kind of none, so people can be curious about the last competitor standing which was not AMD or Intel. (Or Crusoe CPUs, which are also very hard to find, in fact I never seen any of them).

  7. 4 people ran Winbloat Vista on their machines. I have 3 machines running Windows XP with SP3, however, my IBM ThinkPad R40 needs a RAM upgrade to 1GB since 256MB RAM isn't adequate for SP3. Hell, XP boots faster in safe mode with networking than regular mode, and I can also copy files to my Packard Bell Pack-Mate 28 Plus running MS-DOS 6.22 and Windows for Workgroups 3.11 (games, drivers, etc.).

  8. How aureal vortex 2 based card would compatible with this via-based pc? Does there any "Sound card is not onnected to primary PCI bus" issues? Looks like these cards only compatible only when pci devices connected with memory controller by PCI bus (i440bx, ali aladdin V, e. t. c.). Any new type of connection between memory controller and PCI bus (ICH) will cause errors with sb pro emulation (even if everything seems fine). Also there will be errors in real dos. I've tryed Diamond MX300 on Core i5-3570K (Z77 chipset, which have PCI-E – to – PCI bridge) in MS-DOS 7.0. There were fine sb pro sound, adlib sound, midi wavetable. But everything hangs up in about 10 minutes of playing

  9. If you are going to make a WinXP retro PC just for offline gaming i recommend disabling quite a few services and features that will free up some ram and add to stability of the OS. For retro XP laptop i recommend at least Pentium M (>1.5GHz) >512MB ram and ATi 7500 with at least 32MB ram (the version with 64MB should be 128bit so that is even better but it's hard to find ) AND 4:3 1024×768 screen or XGA….If you want beast XP retro laptop go for the best Pentium M and ATi 9600/9700/9800 2GB ram …

    For example Compaq NC 620c , HP NC 6000 ,Asus A4000, Acer TravelMate 8000 …..

  10. Seeing the difference performance in games and benchmarks of all these OS:s using the same hardware, it seems about right. If the CPU speed and RAM was lowered, Windows 98/Me would get some more lead, which has to do with the way they were written specifically for the Intel 80386 architecture. The Windows 2000/XP core requires a good compiler that optimizes the C code for the specific architecture, and there is just no way computers can make up for smart humans when it comes to optimizations. If Windows 98 was still maintained today, it would still come out in the lead because PCs have not moved away from 8086 compability to this day (2017). However, it would potentially hang/crash in a few days running because it was built on top of protected mode hacks that date back to the late 1980s. Simply said, no one has the time to build an OS from scratch just to gain THAT little speed difference.

  11. If you are gonna be retro gaming with XP? You ought to get a hold of a copy of "TinyXP" as it uses less than 64Mb of RAM and is insanely fast. Back in the day TinyXP and Tiny2K3 were my go to OSes and even on really weak hardware like a socket 754 Sempron it was just blazingly fast.

  12. I had problems with Windows XP on a machine running using a M2N68-LA (Narra3) in that because XP didn't have AHCI support and therefore the system would glitch I.E. the hard drive LED staying on constantly therefore I moved to Linux.

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