Windows XP with 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 and 128MB of RAM! Crazy display glitches!

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Hey there! Let’s hit 200 likes!
Today I am gonna “kill” Windows XP!

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  1. This is unfair, XP x64 requires more RAM than the x86 version. Personally, I tried booting XP x86 with 64 MB of RAM and it worked about as well as running a newer Windows with just 1 GB of RAM

  2. 4 MB: Not enough memory
    8 MB: "ntoskrnl.exe" missing or corrupt
    16 MB: Windowssystem32ConfigSystem missing or corrupt
    32 MB: BSOD
    64 MB: Same as 32
    128 MB: Booting fine… a long time. There are display glitches in most cases.

    Good video! I like it!

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