Windows8 vs WindowsXP Speed Tests

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the 2 os side by side in real time in the same computer!
windows xp using 1 core and windows 8 using 2 cpu cores
they both have some use (windows xp the most, since it opens programs win7 cant) and both have some startup programs
winXP – KDE desktop and win8 – classic taskbar – beying the most heavy
so theyre not “clean installs” as u call it, in order to represent a “normal” use, however i have winxp for a longer time than win8 ( im kinda noob at it! =b )

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  1. windows xp booted and opened "My Computer" in exactly 2 minutes.
    windows 8 booted and opened the classic style start menu 34 seconds later.
    or about that, i used an online stop watch… =b

    weird startup noise isnt it?…

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