Wine VS Windows : Heroes Of The Storm Benchmark with a GTX 680

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We take a look at running Heroes Of The Storm in Wine 1.8 RC3 against running it natively in Windows 10.

1. Intro 0:00
2. Max Settings 0:39
3. Side-by-side comparison (Max settings) 0:54
4. Min Settings 1:24
5. Side-by-side comparison (Min settings) 1:39
6. Summary 2:09

The following Nvidia drivers were used:
Windows 10 Pro with 355.98 drivers
Ubuntu 15.04 with 358.16 drivers

There are no graphs, as I was not able to record framerates over a duration. GLXOSD seems to refuse to…


  1. im using 1.7.50-staging and i get a lot better fps with csmt enabled but yeah like you said extreme stuttering.. but it goes to minimum when you enable vsync and lower the sound quality from options.. its playable but still small stuttering after that…

  2. I am playing heroes with wine 1.7.51-staging with shaders set to low and fps locked to 49 and it is pretty good 😀 I do not have a lot of fps drops. Most of the time it is staying at 49 fps but sadly it doesnt get higher ( I have 144hz Monitor :c).

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