Work Around for Japanese Games for Windows 10

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Update!!! After choosing Time & Language in settings Window, the “Add clock for different time zones” is found on the upper right. No need to scroll down.


Games that require the Japanese Language Pack or alternative to applocale.

Note: Some…


  1. Help!!! When I click on change date and time, it says i don't have permission to use it and to ask my administrator for help, but i don't know how to run settings as admin!!! What to do?

  2. Fuck yes, you are a mastergenius. I tried so much differen things like AppLocale and similiar Tools, changed Lanugage etc etc, but this was the only thing which helped. Thank you very much, now i can dig into japanese games !

  3. haha windows 10 is just as shit as 7 8 and all previous windows when it comes to playing japanese games. Litteraly, it's the same. Can you at least install applocale on this piece of shit?

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