World of Warcraft: Windows 7 vs Linux/wine….FPS: Who wins? (No sound)

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I wanted to see what ran World of Warcraft faster: Windows 7 or Linux/wine.
In many forums, there are people who don’t know what they are talking about.
So I decided to make a video, with a Windows 7 run around Ironforge, then Linux/wine, and record both with Recount showing FPS and Latency.

Both Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit and Ubuntu 10.10 64-bit have identical World of Warcraft installations, and both OSs have the newest Nvidia drivers as of date of recording. Both…


  1. the only reason windows wins out with games and a user base….. money. money, money, money. linux operates x10 better than windows could ever dream to. if we saw games being published in linux massively rather than windows… games would be so much more than they are today. windows is a bottleneck. when one huge game dev stops taking handouts from microshit and releases a huge title on linux, the will end. lol.

  2. thing is about windows is that the fps isnt as stable as linux and thats what makes the fps go all weird but the linux software does infact use its CPU much better then windows and runs faster because of the style and look of it because linux is more basic then windows if you want a high frame rate on windows you need a intel i 5 atleast to get about 100-150 fps this is quite expensive… where as on linux i ran WoW full graphics with a Dual core and got roughly 50-60 fps which is still good

  3. notice that on the windows run before you recorded the fps was floating just under 75 FPS then drops to just over 25, thats because fraps limits your frame rates, the linux run on the other hand was floating just over 50 before recording, so without the recording software windows had better frames

  4. yea lol just figure i pull your chain great video btw i had a OS failure on my pc and couldn't restore it so i had to use ubuntu but now i cant install wow but found a helpful video on what to do and came across your it really looks like wow runs better on linux cool video thanks for uploading

  5. He's not recording at the max FPS he gets. Judging from the video where he used fraps, he's recording at 30 fps. YouTube locks a videos FPS to 30 and under so uploading higher than that is pointless.

    The only way you can tell the difference is YOU actually playing. I can't play with anything sub 60 FPS because it looks stuttery and non-reactive to my keystrokes and such. My monitor can display 75 FPS at a certain resolution and I can tell you honestly, I can see the difference. It's a myth.

  6. What this means for performance is that the linux memory manager spends less cpu time on memory mapping and frees those cycles to perform other tasks. Linux's memory manager also works very efficiently with applications that use large blocks of memory. Again what this means for performance is that performance is better since Warcraft (which is always loading and unloading on memory) isn't making the kernel remap memory and increasing performance.

  7. Having the game switch between dx and opengl for either os is a smart move (give the other the home court advantage on video output)

    That being said Linux has a different way to handle memory than windows does. When an application (or process) releases memory the kernel does not take possession of it but rather leaves it to be used by the application that last had possession. Windows does not do this and returns memory back to the kernel.

  8. On linux you have 2 times more fps, but if i am watching it, it seems to have same fps, maybe cause of your low fps rate set in fraps or other software. Try to record with high fps rate. Btw my experience with wow is 70 vs 10 fps(win vs lin). Maybe bad support my hardware(radeon 3650).

  9. Once Minecraft in Windows gets re coded for DirectX it will kill the older version which runs in java.

    As of now the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft is the best version cause it's in DirectX 9.

  10. it's odd that it runs better in linux than in it's native windows. my closest experience to that was to see how minecraft (i know it's just a jar file that can be run on all 3 main OS's but i was curious) would run in ubuntu 10.04 vs win7 64bit on my gaming laptop from 2008. minecraft in linux runs better than it does in windows with optifine n shit. 70fps vs 30-40fps c2d 1.8ghz 4gb ram 667mhz 8800m gts

  11. To call it an emulator, although arguably technically correct, would be misleading, since emulators like the ones that emulate CPUs tend to be slow. Wine is much more lightweight than that type of emulator. It "intercepts" calls which would normally go to Windows and handles them itself instead.

    Wine is called "Wine Is Not (an) Emulator" because it doesn't have the slowness of a traditional emulator that emulates every CPU instruction.

  12. thats the thing tho if you run WoW on Windows in OpenGL it will slow down but in Linux it converts and in the end makes it faster. Im currently trying it out and i run on ultra at 60 fps using Fraps

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