Xbox 360 Games On Your PC With Windows 8

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Hi everyone and welcome to Clevver Games I’m Andrea Rene. Rumor has it that in the near future, you might be able to play all of your Xbox 360 games on your PC. Microsoft is a giant in the computing world so if anyone could accomplish this feat, I’m sure it is them.
According to, sources at Microsoft are saying that Windows 8 will allow…


  1. "What's the point of even buying an xbox 360 console? If I can just buy the disk and play it on pc"
    Bitch, most people have potatoes. Not everyone knows that you can custom build a pc cheaply, and this shit was like 5 years ago. Motherfucker's would've been spending $800 for cross platform capability. I don't think that it would of been much of a threat to console sales. As if the console sales even mattered in the first place.

  2. Maybe with windows 10 it makes sense. Oh and steam dosent have all games from microsoft or consoles and the cod franchise sucks on steam not the graphics but only a handfull of players at a time.

  3. would love this to work soon… i bought my xbox years before my laptop and thus have most games on console and continue to buy for console. But being able to play some gems on my new laptop would be epic and good for lets plays

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