Xbox One to Windows 10 Streaming Quality Boost: In Action!

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UPDATE: This video was taken before Microsoft Officially updated the Xbox App to include the ‘Very High Setting’. Please use this video as a comparison for the quality only.

This video I created showcases a little tweak that an eagle eyed Xbox One Reddit forum user found

Basically the tweak will enable a hidden ‘Very High’ Setting for streaming from the Xbox One to a Windows 10 PC.

Hopefully you can see the benefits of this in action, but make sure…


  1. Does anyone know why when I stream on my xbox app on windows 10 it's keeps shutting down saying network quality in red obviously I know it's means it's bad but I have pretty decent internet and I even put my wired connection in to make run better but the stream still does the same thing wireless or wired??I even have a updated version of everything can anyone help foreal like I understand get a better internet connection but I feel it's pretty good already only problem is the streaming part

  2. when in very high settings I get like a stuttering effect or something like dropped frames… it skips ahead… both my PC and my Xbox are Wired to the same hub/switch/modem (ARRIS TG862) what can I do to improve this?Ā  THANKS!

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