XCOM 2 Linux Benchmark and Technical Port Review on Ubuntu

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In this video, I take a more thorough look at the Linux port of XCOM 2 from a technical and performance aspect.

Timeline links:
1. Intro 0:00
2. Graphical Settings options 0:26
3. CPU and RAM usage 0:51
4. Image quality 1:40
5. Side-by-side Medium 2:20
6. Graphs 3:44
7. Side-by-side Maximum 4:19
8. Avenger Maximum Windows 4:35
9. Driver difference graph 5:05
10. Tweaked graph 5:50
11. Outro 6:01

I used the following Nvidia drivers throughout this video, unless specified otherwise:


  1. I'm new at all this Linux thing so sorry if my comment is stupid :P.
    So, why do games all run at a lower fps, i though it was supposed to run faster on linux since the OS is concentrated more towards the game than background processes.
    I'm guessing it has something to do with the coding language ?
    Again, i'm not sure about anything that i'm saying so, any explanation is appreciated 🙂

  2. Great work with this review!! I am not much of a gamer but I am very impressed with your thorough analysis and emphasis on data and side-by-side comparisons. [Subscribed] I will be watching and recommending your site. Excellent job. I suspect if you can work in AMD and Nvidia performance as the platforms develop you will have great success. Cheers

  3. I tried both Simple Screen Recorder and Open Broadcaster Software to record my game play but I experience stuttering. What could be the problem ?

    I am using Linux Mint 17.3 on my Core i7 4790K + GeForce GTX 970


  4. Penguin Recordings,Are you sure dude that MSAA isn't causing this performance difference? I mean on the Linux version it doesn't seem to work properly so I think you should redo the benchmark with MSAA disabled on both Windows and Linux and see if the performance difference remains.

    Edit:NVM my comment as it seems like you were using FXAA on this benchmark.

  5. For the cpu usage it would be nice to show how the load is distributed over the cores

    12% cpu usage can mean that cpu usage isn't a problem or it can be using 100% of a single core in an 8 core(4 with HT) system and cause a cpu bottleneck

  6. For future videos where you show CPU usage, please tell us how many cores/threads your CPU has, or show us CPU usage on a core-by-core/thread-by-thread basis (e.g., htop). That would help give more information about which type of CPU-hungry (single-thread vs. multi-thread) a game might be 😛

  7. "Tweaks didn't do anything for me"

    It could be just random chance but without the tweak, you dropped to 3fps (and it was that way in all the previous tests), yet with the tweaks, the game never went below 18, which is considerably more acceptable dip.

    The tweaks weren't expected to overall increase the average, but get rid of the horrid hiccups that happen at times, and for me it definitely had that effect.

  8. The one thing that's making a difference when editing the XComEngine.ini (or similar for other UE titles) is the PoolSize, which should be set to around two thirds of your graphics card VRAM, so in your case set it to 1365.
    Leave everything else to the default values.

    The reason 358.16 is having a better performance with your card I'm wondering if it's not related to the new memory allocation mechanism that was added with this specific driver.
    358.16 is the latest driver from the experimental short lived branch and this new memory feature has not landed yet in the main long lived branch (the other drivers you tried). Read the last paragraph from the Release highlights:
    It would be interesting to try with the __GL_DevShmPageableAllocations environment variable set to 2, to see if that's the case.

  9. windows maximum actually is different than linux maximum after checking both. Windows version uses MSAA which isn't available at all on linux, it just doesn't do anything I've found 🙁

  10. Very nice! I'm impressed 🙂

    Next thing I would like to see, is how Vulkan on Linux is doing compared to Windows DirectX. Croteam is almost finishing The Talos Principle update with Vulkan support. I'm so excited

  11. +Penguin Recordings Nice video as always but there has been a awakening. Have you felt it?
    Vulkan is released and The Talos Principal has support for it. Nvidia has beta drivers for it on Linux. Do you think you can do a benchmark or something for this revolutionary breakthrough? Has gaming on Linux become way superior?

  12. I wonder what happened with the newer drivers. I know 361.18 had problems with XCOM2, but i didn't know 361.28 had the same isssues too. 361.28 wasn't available on my preferred distro and didn't want to mess with manual install. Now that i saw the results here, i don't have high hopes up. :/

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