XFCE Showdown! Linux Mint vs. Linux Lite

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This video compares and contrasts Linux Mint 18.1 xfce and Linux Light xfce. We will look at themes, software, download size, and system resources. The tests will will be in a virtual box running 4 processing cores of a core-i5 3570K and 8 GB of RAM.
Here are the links for the distros:
Linux Mint:
Linux Lite:


  1. Linux Lite I found is more Nub friendly compared to Linux Mint at least. Something I agree with English Bob on. Lite says Start Here and U just follow the list; Where a total newbie would be lost I think finding where to get updates ect.

  2. I've been running Linux Lite on an old Dell Dimension 3000. Pentium 4 (2.80 GHz) and 512 GB of DDR memory. It actually runs really smooth and boots fast, even on an old IDE HDD. It surprisingly manages to drive my 1080P monitor without a problem. It works alright for basic tasks, but absolutely no multi-tasking other than background music; which it struggles to do but will. Basic photo editing in Pinta or audio editing in Audacity works fine. Don't even attempt even basic video editing though. I will play DVDs and MP4s fine, but in VLC, you have to fidget the window around to keep the video in frame, and getting video full screen can be tricky. Definitely going to have to upgrade the RAM to the max of 4 GB.

  3. Brave browser has a built in ad-blocker thats works everywhere including youtube and Brave doesnt collect your data.

    sudo snap install brave –beta

  4. I ran LinuxLite for about a year and loved it until 3.4 was released and then had several issues. When I posted to the forum and got NO response to two of my posts, I decided to switch to LinuxMint XFCE. We'll see how this goes. So far it's ok. I have noticed my system is NOT as quick, though. Some things are much slower… no idea why.

    Also, you no longer need to type 'apt-get'… only 'apt' now.
    Everything on pc's has gone flat these days. I wonder what genius came up with That?

  5. Great vid! So I'm hoping you can help me with an issue with Mint. I put 18.1 on a super old Toshiba laptop. It boots fine and runs surprisingly well but it only fills like 2/3rds of the screen and I don't mean resolution. It seems to think it's a much smaller screen than it is. Thanks!

  6. In Linux Mint Xfce, bluetooth does not work, makes many improvements of
    appearance and incorporates other news, but does not correct some
    problems that has dragged for some time. I consulted in the forum, for
    this problem, and nobody knows how to give a solution. In Linux Lite
    everything works. 🙂

  7. is xfce faster than lxde, lxqt i don't understand i am running on MX-16 linux which is quite faster than Lubuntu on my old pc. Now it doesn't make any sense to me please give me reply…

  8. I was a big fan of Mint 17.2 and .3,but for some reason Mint 18 runs like garbage on my system…every variety of Mint 18,I've tried them all…it crashed often,and kdenlive didn't work…I just installed Linux Lite a week ago,and it's running like a champ…it runs so good now,and I haven't had one crash yet,even when running kdenlive…five stars for Linux Lite.

  9. Thank you for making this video. I was hoping for a more under the hood look at these two distros. In my experience on my hardware Linux Mint XFCE seems to be a little more stable, but Linux Lite seems just a slight quicker maybe. I have a i5 processor and 16 gigs of ram. In XFCE screen tearing is a common problem. What I found very odd is how the fix for it varies between Mint XFCE, Linux Lite, and MX15! In theory if all three are using the same desktop environment running on the exact same hardware then way should the fixes be any different among these three distros?

  10. Hello STL !
    To compare them on a more scientific way you could measure these elements on both systems: systemd-analyze for the userspace time, df -h, du -sh /home, systemctl list-units | grep running | wc -l and systemctl list-units –all –state=active | wc -l. You would then have digits to compare other than what htop delivers. For XFCE I would definitely choose MX-16 probably the best Debian based user friendly distro. The manual is great. The videos of the dolphin are highly professional and all the tools you find on MX-16 are just amazing. The community is fantastic!!!
    Best regards,

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