XFCE Tiling – Aero Snap Style – Linux XFCE

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This is patch for xfwm4 to allow tiling features

Package: xfwm4

Description: window manager of the Xfce project
This package contains xfwm4 which is the window manager for Xfce4. It is designed to run with the rest of Xfce4 but
makes a capable window manager for GNOME or KDE.

Install xfwm4 if you want a small, resource saving window manager which complies to the standards defined at
Without xfce4…


  1. xfce4: i want to get maximized when pulling to top. its crap otherwise.
    And if i want to maximize from half maximize on left, it first goes to "restore window" making it apear how i draggid it to the left. then i have to reaim and click maximize again to get maximized – two steps+reaim because window goes randomwhere 🙁

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