xrdp – Remote Desktop into Linux using RDP – Linux CLI

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How to use rdesktop

xrdp – a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) server

xrdp is a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Server.
Unlike Windows NT/2000/2003 server, xrdp will not display a Windows desktop but an X window desktop to the user.


  1. Have you thought of trying x2go? I've found it works really well over LAN (to a Raspberry Pi 2 running Debian Jessie with MATE) and can even tunnel sound even to a Windows client (it uses PulseAudio for this and the Windows client comes with a PulseAudio binary)

    Also, how does this compare to SSH X11 forwarding?

  2. Great Video, Thanks again,

    One stupid question though… How to find what flavor distro we have?
    lsb_release -a is telling me on one machine that its cinnamon, but my another machine just lists "Linux Mint 16 Petra"
    how would I know, if its Mate, or cinnamon or debian? (obviously I do not recall what I installed )

  3. Very interesting video.
    It could be a great idea to make a tutorial about how to set up an home vsftp server on arch linux to connect to remotely (out of the LAN). I followed step by step the arch wiki (Vsftpd), but it was difficult to me to set up the access with username and password. Then there are either the port forwarding and the dynamic dns problems.
    A tutorial could be very useful. Bye and keep it up!

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