You Can Still Upgrade To Windows 10 For FREE in 2018

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You Can Still Upgrade To Windows 10 For FREE in 2018

If you missed the update deadline to upgrade to Windows 10 for free from Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 then do not worry, you still have a chance to upgrade for free, just watch the whole video to see how to Upgrade to Windows 10.

Don’t want to lose your data? not a problem, using this method says all your programs and data, but its always best to make a backup of your data before you start.

So if your looking to upgrade to…


  1. Thank you mate!!! I now have Windows 10 Pro x64 for free activated!!!! 😀 I didn't lose any data. Support for Windows 7 is ending in 2020 so it's better to do this while you still can for free! 😀

  2. Hello britec I'm having problem with my pc, when I turn it on it pops upvwith keyboard layout, when I select it it says trouble shoot and shut down this pc, I tried all of the troubleshoot methods but I dont have startup settings, reset this pc, or continue button, please help

  3. Can't I just upgrade to XP? You know, that last version of Windows where you could work around the many of the bad design decisions and faulty testing Microsoft makes with each release?

  4. So if I have a windows 7 disk that I purchased but I am running LInux on existing drive will I need to install windows 7 after erasing a HD or can I go straight to windows 10 by just giving my activation key?

  5. I cant believe what microsoft has become. Not only is it a disgusting invasion of privacy, but mandatory updates that cause BSOD? its not just marketing clearly you'd know this if you head over to wikileaks and read about their fault leaks this whole architecture has built in backdoors deliberately, just like meltdown and spectre.

  6. And why would anyone downgrade his/her Windows 7? The almost non-existing things which are better on Windows 10 will never make up for the bullsh!t you'll get thrown in your face. Spyware, Ads, auto-install of crap you don't need nor want, forced updates that will reset your default apps, and so on…

    Let's face it: Windows 10 is an OS that will only work to the likings of Microsoft. While Windows 7 always was and still is an OS that was designed to be used by anyone the way they liked to.

    The freedom of the user got thrown overboard with the release of Windows 10…

  7. Windows 10 sucks. Chromebook is superior to that boat anchor OP system. Microsoft is on downward spiral and I'm looking forward to watching them lose market share to android. Good riddance Microsucks

  8. I know this is a bit off topic but:
    My laptop blue screens a lot so i have to constantly check if the sound works on it, because if it doesn't then it's going to blue screen soon so i gotta save my work
    To do that i just press num lock since it does a sound when i press it, but when i press num lock there's also something popping on the screen (a kinda large icon representing num lock to tell me i turned it on/off) and it's really annoying so i just press shift+num lock when i check for the sound so that thing doesn't show up
    I did this today and i think i pressed something else instead of num lock, because after i did it the screen started being weird
    Now, my laptop's screen goes black when i open chrome and also has some green and blue lines at the very left and right sides (which makes me think it's actually related to my graphics card because green and blue are part of the rgb thing, though I'm no expert)
    It's normal if i move the mouse a bit but then it goes black again if i go to another tab/do any actions/sometimes even when i do nothing
    Any ideas on fixes?
    *i can also detail the problem some more if needed

  9. If I create an All in one ISO through the Media Creation Tool,it will work for both 32 and 64 bit at the same time,won't it,I already upgraded to Windows 10,but I still have a bootable ISO image,for reinstallation purposes

  10. Just a suggestion? STOP REPEATING THE SAME INFO OVER AND OVER!?….you must have said the SAME thing about 12 TIMES!…("If you're running a 32-bit version you can only install a 32-bit version….if you're running a 64-bit version you can only install a 64-bit version") Like….WE GET IT!…

    LoL!…I'm just being a sarcastic S.O.B. (I'm from NEW YORK what'd you EXPECT!?.) Love the video!….Keep up the good work!

  11. With the issue of being UNABLE to upgrade from Windows 10 ver 1703 to Windows 10 ver 1709 (creator), I now wish I had never upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Even Microsoft support has no fix currently for my issue, which is more prevalent and wide spread then you may know Brian.

  12. Worked perfectly for me. From 8.1 to 10
    I have 2 SSD and on HDD.
    I've unplugged everything except SSD with windows.
    Followed video steps and when done, plugged other SSD and HDD.
    Big thx mah dude

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