You Must Know 20 Important Linux Commands

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20 Important Linux Command for VFX Pipeline
00. su – sudo for enter as root or administrator
01. date – current date and time
02. cal – month’s calendar
03. uptime – current uptime
04. w – who is online
05. whoami – Who you are logged in as
06. uname -a – kernel information
07. free – memory and swap usage
08. touch – create new file
09 .cp – copy
10. mv – move
11. rm – remove
12. pwd – current directory
13. ls – ls ll – list all – manual
15. top – htop – show…


  1. Something for and ,, where I extracted files from Adobe flash player to work it because I try to /usr/lib/ flash playerplagin but system tell I can't doing enything in this folder ,, so extract all FILES in storage 🙁 I try to doing root and again nothing ,, PLS doing one video with all this for guys to no learning much 🙂 Peaceful bro ✌

  2. Hi again ,, what's is the terminal you have or I have Samsung galaxy tab e ( Linux kernel ) what terminal is the right for my device ?
    All yours commands I try to copy in my dictionary to use after ,, useful video. Thanks from Greece

  3. just to inform here su is not "super user" it means "switch user" ,which means the other user account you want to switch to from current user,
    for ex su – rahul ,means switch to rahul user

    if you do not specify any user it takes root user by default like su OR su –

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